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** Hey students! This is your classwork/homework due Wednesday, April 17th. Response to the Four Freedoms Speech. *** Work on this after the test! *** Make sure you are logged into your ARGS account, not a personal account. *** Thank you, you are the best. ***

Extra Credit Opportunities

Quarter 1

Colonial Heights Historical Society Earthworks Presentation - September 12th Julia Steele, Chief of Resource Management at Petersburg National Battlefield, will present a program on Civil War earthworks on Wednesday, September 12 at the Colonial Heights Public Library. Ms. Steele is an historical archaeologist with the National Park Service and is responsible for the documentation and upkeep of the many miles of Confederate and Union fortifications around Petersburg. She has written extensively about Civil War fortifications, some of which can be seen at Her program will discuss the When, Where, Why and How of these Civil War earthworks. The program, sponsored by the Colonial Heights Historical Society, begins at 7:00 p.m. in the large meeting room at the library, and is free and open to the public. Attend the program, take a photo of yourself there, and prepare about a paragraph of material to share with the class. 5 points.

Nottoway Pow Wow - September 15th and 16th; attend the pow wow on one of the two days and take two photos you'll share with the class. 5 extra credit points.

Bob Woodward at VCU - September 25th - Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist, author and associate editor of The Washington Post Bob Woodward will speak at Virginia Commonwealth University in September, two weeks after the release of his latest book, “Fear: Trump in the White House.” Woodward, who shared a Pulitzer Prize in 1973 for coverage of the Watergate scandal with Carl Bernstein and in 2003 as lead reporter for coverage of the 9/11 attacks, will speak on “Truth, Freedom of Expression, Democracy and the Age of the American Presidency.” Woodward, the author of 18 national nonfiction bestselling books, will speak at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 25, in the Lecture Hall (Room 303) of James Branch Cabell Library, 901 Park Ave.

Educational Events at Henricus Historical Park - Let me know ahead of time if you plan to attend an event for extra credit.

Quarter 2

Armistice Day Commemoration at the Virginia WWI Memorial - November 11th, 11:00 - 2:00pm. Veterans Day originated as Armistice Day after World War I. The Keynote Speaker is Governor Ralph Northam. Re-enactors, demonstrations and food trucks on site. 5 points.

Bill of Rights Institute Join the Debate - Join the debate for 2 extra credit points and a chance to win Amazon gift cards and other prizes. Send me a link to your argument on the site. Rolling deadline.

Strong Men and Woman in Virginia History - November 9th - The Strong Men & Women in Virginia History honorees strive to combat inequalities in the world around them. Fannie W. Fitzgerald was a pioneer in desegregating public schools as a teacher. Reverend Lawrence A. Davies has worked to bring affordable health care and public transportation to his community. Kwame Alexander established his own press to publish underrepresented authors. What does equality mean to you? Which past honoree embodies that de nition for you? How can you embody that definition in your life—now and in the future? Find the list here: This is a 5 point extra credit assignment.

John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest - January 16th - Describe and analyze an act of political courage by a US elected official who served during or after 1917. To learn more about political courage, visit Contest Information and FAQs. All submissions must adhere to contest requirements. This is a 5 - 10 point extra credit assignment.

Pocahontas Film Festival - November 15 - 18th. "Organized to foster greater awareness of and exposure to indigenous languages, cultures, and societies, the Pocahontas Reframed Storytellers Film Festival has attracted more than 2,000 entries in its first year alone. The event, which will be held in the historic Byrd Theatre in Carytown, is well on its way to being recognized as an important American Indian film festival on the East Coast. In its second year, the Festival will feature three days of film and live performances celebrating Native American stories and storytellers." Suggested films are: Mankiller, Tribal Justice, Werewocomoco, Injunuity, More than a Word and Defending the Fire. 5 Extra Credit Points.

Winter Break Extra Credit - 12/19/18 - 1/2/19 Visit a museum, historical home or site, or national park visitor center. Take selfies with three artifacts and explain them. Submit your three images via Google Drive, and you’ll discuss with the class when you return from break.

Quarter 3 Extra Credit

Attend an adult Program at Henricus Historical Park - Birth & Mortality, February 28 | 2-4pm What were the religious, governmental and social concepts and activities that were involved in the life cycle of people in 17th century Virginia? Learn More 5 points

Attend Created Equal Film Series: "Tell Them We are Rising: The Story of Black Colleges and Universities" Virginia Historical Society, Thursday, February 28, 6:30pm – 8:15pm. Free, but registration is required. 5 points

Visit the American Civil War Center, Richmond National Battlefield Park, or Petersburg National Battlefield Park and create a short presentation on your visit that you will present to the class. 5 extra credit points.

Watch "Birth of a Nation" (2016) or "Twelve Years a Slave" and write a one paragraph to one page response to the film. 5 points extra credit (Note: both movies are rated R)

Quarter 4 Extra Credit

Visit a museum, historical home or site, or national park visitor center. Take selfies with three artifacts or views of the site and explain them. Submit your three images via Google Drive, and you’ll discuss with the class when you return from break. You must present to the class for the extra credit. 5 points.

Pre and post assessments

Post-assessment - Q1, must be logged in to view

Pre-assessment - Q2, must be logged in to view

Native Nations and Early European Colonization

Howard Zinn, A People's History of the United States, "Chapter 1: Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress" - larger text version of the reading handed out on 9/7/18 and due 9/12/18.

Howard Zinn, "Chapter 1: Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress" Questions - These go along with the reading above

Map: Tribal locations at first contact

Native Land - map where you can put in your home address and find out which Native Nation's land you are on, what languages were/are spoken there, and what treaties were/are in effect

Study Guide for Test #1 - Must be logged in to view. The study guide is optional, but if filled out completely will earn you two extra credit points on the test.

Virginia's First People - VDOE site that serves as a primer on Virginia Indians

The Colonial Era and the American Revolutionary War

American Revolution notesheet 2017 — From 10/16/17

Detailed Triangle Trade diagram — Detailed Triangle Trade and Middle Passage diagram

Imperial Slave Economy reading

Interactive American Revolution Review — Pretty cool interactive that includes maps, questions, and a summary of the battles in the American Revolution

Salem Witch Trials video shown in class 10/1/18, 4th block

Sociology website explaining concepts of race, ethnicity and "minority groups"

Study Guide: Colonial Era and American Revolutionary War

Video: TED Talk on the Atlantic Slave Trade

Voices of Freedom Vol1 4-6.PDF — Thomas Paine Reading p. 86 - 93

PBS: The Witches Curse - more info about ergot and Salem

Zinn, People's History of the United States, The Color Line - chapter on early slavery and laws designed to prevent Black people and white people from coordinating. Not assigned for 2018 - 2019 school year.

The Early Republic

Bill of Rights

Constitutional Convention Game — What do you know about the Constitutional Convention?

Federalist #10 — Federalist 10 Reading

Federalist 10 Questions — Questions on Federalist 10

George Washington's Farewell Address - must be logged in to view abridged version of Washington's Farewell Address; homework assignment for 11/12/18 is to read, annotate and put five pieces of Washington's advice into your own words.

Podcast: War of 1812 - closely aligns with the lecture on the causes of the war, America's standing vs Britain, and the war itself.

Study Guide - Constitutional Convention to Jefferson's Administration

Supreme Court Landmark Cases - Marbury v. Madison, McCulloch v. Maryland, Gibbons v. Ogden

Tecumseh's Confederation

Tecumseh Defeated at the Battle of Thames

Video: The Constitution and Madison's 3 Big Ideas (from Montpelier); highlights ideas from Federalist 10

Warhawks — Information on the warhawks prior to the War of 1812

Antebellum Era

Chapter 2 Reading Antebellum South — Ordeal by Fire Antebellum South YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO VIEW THIS READING

Comparison of the North and South — Chart which shows similarities and differences between N & S in antebellum U.S.

National Geographic: Finding the Bones of Nat Turner (January 2019)

Video from class: Excerpt from Roots: A History Revealed (psychology of enslaved resistance)

Video: Featurette of Birth of a Nation

Civil War

Video: The Civil War Part #1 — Feeling a little fuzzy on the causes of the Civil War? Watch this video from John Green.

FonerCivilWarChapter.pdf — Civil War Chapter - must be logged in to view.

Library of Congress Digital Collections

Small Group Work: Civil War impacts and the Civil War in American Memory

Rubric: Small Group Work - Rubric for Presentation


Emancipation Proclamation and Freedom Monument - designed for Brown's Island in Richmond

Optional read: James Comey: Take Down the Confederate Statues (op-ed)

Reading from class - take notes

Study Guide: Civil War and Reconstruction

Westward Migration, Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Classwork: Gilded Age 3/1/19 - This is your classwork on your sub day 3/1/19. You'll need to be logged into your ARGS gmail account to view this file.

Homestead Act and Life in the West

Gilded Age Part 2 Cloze Notes

The Jungle Chapter 14 Excerpt

The Rise of Industrial America: 1877 - 1900

** Video: American Experience - Gilded Age, watch for homework for 3/1/19 and take notes on the video. Turn these notes in when you arrive at class on 3/1/19 to the substitute.

Optional Reads: The Schools that Tried - And Failed - to make Native Americans Obsolete, Native American Horseback Riders in Paris

Great Courses: If you are taking a CC course and are a student at JTCC, you have access to Kanopy. There is a free course on the Gilded Age there.

Study Guide: Progressivism through the Great Depression (2019)

Video: Crash Course The Progressive Era (15 minutes)

Video: 60 Minutes: The National Museum for Peace and Justice (14 minutes; discussed in class 3/20/19)

American Imperialism

Edison Films of the Spanish American War (24 minutes)

WWI through the Great Depression

Chapter 45: America in the First World War — Reading on WWI from, a website run by the Independence Hall Association. Read through 45a - 45d

If We Must Die by Claude McKay

Kahoot: Great Depression True or False

Study Guide: Progressivism through the Great Depression (2019)

VCU: Mapping the Second Wave of the KKK

Video: WWI Oversimplified Part 1 Part 2 (each is about 6 minutes)

World War II

WorldWarIIMasterPDF.pdf — World War II Master Slide - Get notes from classmate

Post-War America

Alcatraz Island Occupation

AssignmentMLKMalcolmX — Writing assignment based on Dr. King, Malcolm X readings

CivilRightsReadingExcerpt.pdf — Civil Rights Movement reading. Must be logged in to access.

Cold War Digital History Reading — Cold War Reading. Fill out the response sheet.

Crash Course US History (The Cold War)

Crash Course US History (The Cold War in Asia)

Full Text: Letter from Birmingham Jail — MLK Jr, Letter from Birmingham Jail

Full Text: Louis Lomax Interviews Malcolm X — Louis Lomax Interviews Malcolm X

Full Text: Malcolm X Letter to the Grassroots — Malcolm X, Letter to the Grassroots

Full Text: MLK The Power of Nonviolence — MLK Jr, The Power of Nonviolence

Reading on Civil Rights 1960s - 1970s - for 5/20/19, read pp. 22 - 29 and take notes from "Beyond Civil Rights 1966 - 1973"

Study Guide: Cold War through Liberation Movements - 4th block test 5/29/19, 2nd block test 5/31/19

Video: How America Became a Superpower

1980s - Present

Video: Reclaiming the Wampanoag Language

SOL Preparation

US History Resources - Homework for 4/26/19 (Add two resources to this doc!) ***

Excellent Quia Games for VA & US History

Rags to Riches: SOL Review (Easy)

SOL Review Kahoot from class — SOL People and things quiz from 2018

SOL Wars and Battles.pdf — From the Strusky site linked below

Standards And How Many Questions From Each Section

Strusky's US History Resources — links to review materials, notes, games, etc. THIS SITE HAS MANY PRINTABLES!

US SOL review.pdf — Giant US History SOL packet - includes summaries of key ideas and eras

US SOL review answers.pdf — US History SOL packet answers

Other stuff

Bygone Americana — Tumblr with photos from America's past

Flash Cards! — Flash cards on terms, people and events that may be on the SOL. Would be great to print these off, or you can study them right from the site.

History Resources — Resources for Historical Research

How to study for a history exam — Tips for taking a history exam

Online Textbook — Online Version of the Textbook - AP Edition (Red book)

Tips for taking notes 1 — Tips for taking notes

US History Resources — US History Resources from your classmates